Obama Plays the Keating Card; McCain Calls Him a Hypocrite

We've Only Just Begun to Sling

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In today's round of ads, Barack Obama accuses John McCain of trying to change the subject. The ad "highlights how that now John McCain is without a plan to lift our economy, out of ideas, out of touch and out of time, he is turning to smears that have been proven false to try and tear Obama down." McCain responds with a charge that Obama is trying to change the subject. Actually, McCain's spot is called "Hypo" for hypocrite and "highlights Barack Obama's practice of calling every question about his record a lie while he launches false and misleading attacks against John McCain." For good measure, McCain basically calls Obama a liar. Meanwhile, while Obama says McCain's team is desperately digging up dirt, he unveils his first Keating Five-themed spot on the web as well as a website dedicated specifically to the topic. The campaign has also been floating Iran Contra whispers via e-mail. (Spots after the jump)



Obama-Biden/"Keating Economics Trailer"
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