Lies, Damn Lies and Welfare Waivers in Obama-Romney Ad Fight

WP's Fact Checker Will Run Out of Pinnochios at This Rate

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Yesterday, we noted that the most recent ad from the Mitt Romney campaign hits President Barack Obama for "gutting" welfare reform. The Obama administration was considering waivers that would give states more flexibility in the welfare-to-work program.

The Romney campaign left out a couple of things, however. The first, was that requests for such waivers have come from a number of Republican governors.

And, the Obama camp charged online and in a new ad, when Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he was in favor of such waivers.

Well, maybe not so much on that last point. The Washington Post's The Fact Checker notes that the waivers Romney was writing about were different than the ones currently up for discussion. "Moreover, the governors were addressing their concerns through the legislative route, on a bill that at the time had bipartisan support" -- unlike the Obama administration's tendency to just go do whatever it wants by executive order or some other mechanism when it can't win in Congress.

Not that this makes Romney's ad any more truthful. Fact Checker gives Romney's ad four Pinocchios and Obama's response to it three Pinnochios.

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