Obama and Romney Wondering What Happened in Attack Ads

Candidates Want to Know Where the Hope, Change and Tax Returns Went

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Pity the folks in key swing states who are being bombarded with September-worthy political ad loads in the middle of July. And forgive them if they think "loads" is the best way to describe what they're being hit with.

Today Obama for America introduces an ad called "Makes You Wonder." Team Obama, sounding almost like Donald Trump asking about a certain birth certificate, is going back to the well on The Mystery of Mitt Romney's tax returns. What is Romney hiding?

Well, Romney isn't saying -- despite calls from even a few fellow Republicans to produce those tax returns. Their thinking is that if he just dumps them now, the issue will be forgotten long before the convention. But one could also posit, as one Republican friend did, that Romney can just ignore the issue until the Obama campaign starts to run out of ad money.

Meanwhile, Romney has introduced an ad asking "Whatever happened to 'Hope and Change'?"

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