Obama Team Does It Again

Access Hollywood Interview Stroke of Middle America Genius

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Barack Obama's detractors will no doubt jump ugly all over his "Access Hollywood" interview, which includes the candidate, his wife and his two daughters. A serious presidential candidate shouldn't go on such a show, they might say. How dare he exploit his daughters like that, they might ask. To which I say: Who cares? Just watch a bit of the video. The family comes off as charming and down to earth. The girls gang up on dad a little bit about his busted-up belt and worn-down shoes. And Obama looks about as relaxed as a man can get.

Is it sincere? Is it real? Should voters be basing their choices on these things? Again, who cares? At issue here is a Democratic presidential candidate the right has tried to portray as "elitist" and a wife who's been slapped around some for insufficient love of country. Despite the fact that Obama is miles better at public speaking than John Kerry, he still gets painted with the old "aloof" brush from time to time. And sometimes those admiring crowds can be a bit much for the average man.

So here's the family sitting down with a syndicated celebrity show and just having themselves a chat. Of course, the "real media" might pile on in this debate as the general view of shows such as "Access Hollywood" is that they're half a step better than "The Jerry Springer Show." And a celebrity program seems an odd choice of venue to humanize yourself. But the truth is lots and lots of people watch celebrity news. In fact, you'll probably get more swing voters and independent-minded Republicans there than on CNN or CBS Evening News. What do you think they're watching between the local news and their regular prime-time programming? (Oh, and note the free plug for People magazine from one of Obama's daughters. Sorry, Us Weekly!)

So what if Obama catches some flack for putting his daughters on. The people griping weren't going to vote for him anway. And while it might make some of his more upper-crust supporters comfortable, they'll get over it soon enough.
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