Obama Winning ... Online

McCain Spending the Most

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Barack Obama has been lauded for his ability to draw a crowd and clearly it's not much different online where his July web traffic is blowing away the competition. Nielsen/NetRatings has the Democratic Senator from Illinois leading with 717,000 unique visitors. That's at least 60% more than rivals Hillary Clinton, who had 437,000 and John Edwards, with 348,000. (PDF of the release can be found here.)

The front-running Republican candidates trail the Democrat leaders but the newest official candidate is doing something right: Fred Thompson's ImWithFred.com led the pack with 381,000 uniques, three times as much as next-closest Rudy Giuliani with 124,000. But Rudy was keeping his visitors longer than Fred, clocking in with 7:33 per visitor compared to Fred's 1:35. Then again, until today, Fred didn't have much going on on his site.

McCain spending the most in online ads
Proving you can't always buy your way into the lead, John McCain was the clear online spending leader with 7.7 million paid online ad impressions, according to the firm's AdRelevance data. Mitt Romney (who may be second in spending but is leading in the polls that matter) trailed him with 4.7 million. Oddly, Dennis Kucinich comes third, albeit after a pretty big gap, followed by Friends of Hillary. Interestingly, a site to promote ThompsonTerritory.com, which sells Fred Thompson memorabilia, placed 3.6 million ad impressions before he even announced. Merchandise sales must have been brisk before he broke out the official campaign buttons.
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