Obama Gets Wins This Week's Endorsement Prize

Oprah Winfrey to Host Fundraiser

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In the same week that Hillary Clinton locked down the endorsement of privacy-loving, non-publicity seeking Joseph Wilson, Oprah Winfrey announced that she'll be hosting a fundraiser for Barack Obama.

Writes the AP: "Forget the girl of YouTube videos. The real Obama girl is doing her part for the candidate. Talk show host Oprah Winfrey plans to hold a Sept. 8 fundraiser for Democratic hopeful Barack Obama at her palatial estate near Santa Barbara, Calif., according to campaign spokesman Dan Pfeiffer."

There's little chance that Joe Wilson's two cents is going to convince true anti-war Democrats and Liberals that Hillary is REALLY an anti-war candidate. But there's a 100% chance that Oprah is going to raise buckets of money for Obama and there's a better-than-average shot that she's going to get a lot of fence sitters over into his camp (whether they're Democratic primary voters is another thing entirely).
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