OK, We Get It: Obama Won Because of You

Now Stop Sending Us Press Releases

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There are a number of companies, pundits and so-called marketing gurus who are lucky we've been flooded by a wave of press releases in which they each claim their share of responsibility for Barack Obama's win. The massive flood of self-aggrandizing garbage makes it impossible to call each one of you out by name and heap scorn upon your companies. But, hey, we get it. Barack Obama won primarly because of texting/mobile/social networking/youth vote/web/blogging/micro-blogging/nano-blogging/in-game advertising/outdoor advertising/barn-side advertising/cornfield advertising/podcasting/fly casting/typecasting and you are just the expert we need to talk to and/or have just the service we need to buy and/or write about. In fact if it weren't for you, John McCain would be president-elect.
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