Ohio, Texas To Get Three Solid Weeks of Advertising

Clinton and Obama Seek Supremacy in Key States

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WASHINGTON (AdAge.com) -- It's starting to appear like Texas and Ohio are in for one of the biggest advertising fights of the Democratic Presidential race. The two states will be the first since Iowa and New Hampshire to get three weeks of advertising from the Democrats.

Barack Obama's campaign said today it is launching ads tomorrow for the March 4 primaries in both states. The Clinton campaign said last week that it would begin advertising in both states later this week. Neither campaign would comment on the level of advertising.

While the Obama campaign is advertising both in Wisconsin and Hawaii, which have Feb. 19 primaries, the March 4 primaries are fast shaping up as the biggest potential test of the Democratic fight.

Ohio and Texas could be doubly important for the Clinton campaign if Mr. Obama wins all three races in tomorrow's so-called Potomac Primary, contests in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Over the weekend, the Obama campaign won primaries or caucus fights in Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska and Washington,

While Sen. Hillary Clinton has campaigned in Virginia, her campaign has downplayed expectations for tomorrow's primaries and pointed ahead to Texas and Ohio and to a later race in Pennsylvania.

The Clinton campaign hasn't provided details of its advertising in the two states.

The Obama campaign, announcing its advertising today, said it would start with an ad promoting Mr. Obama's universal health care. Spanish advertising will launch later this week.

In the Obama ad, Sen. Obama talks about his mother's death from cancer and her worry about being able to pay bills as her condition worsened. The campaign's advertising comes from a team that is headed by GMMB's Jim Margolis and includes AKP Media's David Axlerod, the campaign's chief strategist, and independent SS&K.
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