Pass Health-Care Bill for the Dying Children

Organizing for America Names Winner in Ad Competition

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If you can count on the Republicans to scare the bejeezus out of you with bombs and vaguely threatening foreigners, you can also count on the Democrats to trot out some cute kids to basically say that if health-care reform isn't passed they will die and, in the process, bankrupt their parents. That's the message at the heart of the winning entry in the Organizing for America Health Reform Video Challenge (see below). It was created by Eric Hurt and is called "I Deserve Health Care." According to the release from David Plouffe, "The winning video shows that our supporters' creativity and passion is more than a match for the slick ads and partisan spin doctors on the other side."

Hey, I think he's insulting the ad industry. And perhaps some lobbyists, too!

Perhaps Plouffe didn't get the message from Rahm Emanuel and other senior staffers "warning members of Congress not to antagonize the deep-pocketed industry at a time when a major victory appears to be within reach, according to Democratic aides." (That's in reference to the pharmaceutical industry, which we guess isn't on "the other side" ... yet)

According to the release, over the next few days, Organizing for America will "using the winning video as the basis for a new television ad that will air across the country." The basis for a new ad, huh? Sounds a lot like they might be calling in some professionals to turn it into one of them "slick ads."

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