First Political Ad on MTV Attacks Obama

Conservative Group Calls Him 'Both Ways Barack'

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When Ad Age broke the news that MTV would for the first time ever take political ads, Republicans automatically assumed it was simply so the network could help Barack Obama get elected. Forget the facts that a) he didn't need the help and b) MTV definitely needs the money. Surprise! The first ad is from the conservative group Let Freedom Ring and, well, I can't imagine that it's going to convince a single solitary MTV viewer. Even back when the network showed music videos, its viewers cared only about inhaling and underwear choice, not about such things as the Framers' intent -- or in the case of the "Both Ways Barack" spot below, gun control and campaign financing. The ad isn't awful (for a political ad), but it doesn't strike me as the sort of thing appropriate for the MTV set. (Via Wonkette)

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