Being President Interferes With Obama's Fundraising

Latest Campaign Mailer Notes 'Dilemma'

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Below is the latest email (of what seems like hundreds) to Obama supporters asking them for $5 in exchange for a chance to have dinner with the president. It's one of those that has "Barack Obama" in the sender line, so people are likely to get all jazzed thinking the president is writing to them. At any rate, the campaign seems to be splitting the difference, apologizing for too many emails recently and for not delivering enough Obama:

I know we've been contacting you more than usual lately. It reflects the reality that the campaign season is already ramping up -- whether it feels early or not.

So we have a dilemma. While our opponents are campaigning full time, I'm busy doing the job I was elected to do. There will be a moment when I can be part of this campaign in a bigger way, but it won't come for a while.

But that doesn't mean you can slow down. I need you to help pick up the slack.

Midnight tomorrow is an important deadline. The Vice President and I would love to meet you. Please give $5 now to support this campaign -- you'll be automatically entered to join us for dinner when you do.

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