Real Steel: Obama and Romney Release Dueling Videos

Campaigns Keep Focus on Economy, Job Creation

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As predicted by some, while media and pundits focus on the gay-marriage issue, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are waging an ad battle over the economy.

Yesterday afternoon, the Obama campaign released a video called "Steel," in which former employees of Kansas City's GST Steel lament that Bain Capital destroyed the company and put them all out of work. Not long after, the Romney campaign released a video called "American Dream," in which current employees of Steel Dynamics express their thanks that investments from the likes of Mr. Romney helped the company grow.

The Obama campaign gets a slight edge in this one for being first and for linking the video to Romney Economics, a site where it can package all its economic attacks on the challenger. Smart way to extend a video and good for SEO.

But the Romney campaign was fast with the response and provided a clear, direct counterpoint to the original Obama campaign video.

Obama Campaign: "Steel"

Romney Campaign: "American Dream"

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