Republicans to Craig: Get Out! Now!

Also: Thompson Needs to Make up His Mind

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Unless you've been living under a rock you already know it's been revealed that Larry Craig, R-Idaho, was busted for doing SOMETHING in a restroom stall in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Craig, aside from being a Republican from a very red state, was also a key backer of Mitt Romney ... who wasted no time before chucking Craig under the bus. And while some die-hard Republican bloggers spent some pixels trying to come up with clever defenses for the senator, many Republicans in Congress followed Romney's example and piled on. In fact, many are clamoring for him to resign.

In other primary news ... well, has there been any? The Republican field still seems unable to grab headlines, with Craig sucking all the air out of the room and the Democratic candidates seemingly just more, I don't know, colorful.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Fred Thompson, the ghost candidate who could do no wrong, may have overplayed his hand. "He's posted lackluster fundraising numbers. He's faced repeated questions about his lobbying career, his years in politics, as well as his position on abortion. ... His potential supporters have grown restless, giving other candidates room to claim the conservative mantle. And, most significantly, his noncampaign has churned through staff like so many extras; Thompson is already on his third spokesman, even though he's had nothing to announce."

In other words, Fred, it's time to ... well, if this were a little less polite publication we'd use an old adage that ends with the words "or get off the pot."
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