Republicans, Right-Wing Media Stuck on Stupid

Just Drop the 'Lipstick on a Pig' Thing

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Both the Democrats and the Republicans are doing a good job of making idiots of themselves this week. First, New York Gov. David Paterson suggests that "community organizer" is racial code. Now, the Republicans are going nuts over the phrase "lipstick on a pig." I'm going to have to give the Golden Goofball Award to the Republicans on this one. I don't for a second think "community organizer" is racial code. It is, however, political code -- for "useless liberal who likes to go through the motions of doing good, but doesn't actually get anything done." At the Republican National Convention, "community organizer" was used maliciously (and gleefully) to paint Barack Obama as an inexperienced old-school liberal who was padding his resume with useless jobs. So not racial code ... but definitely hard-hitting.

Now the Republicans want to claim that Obama's use of "lipstick on a pig" somehow demeaned Sarah Palin. Give. Me. A. Break. Even Mike Huckabee told Sean Hannity that people were taking this phrase entirely too far out of context. Hell, we use the phrase every week at Advertising Age. The only reason the Republicans can even make this claim with a straight face is because of Palin's own joke about hockey moms being pitbulls with lipstick. According to The Wall Street Journal, the remark is being "widely interpreted" as a play on that joke. Of course, the only people widely interpreting it that way are Republicans and Murdoch-owned media outlets.
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