RNC Unit's First McCain Ad Talks Climate, Gas

Includes a Nod to Independent Voters

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The first pro-McCain effort from the RNC unit set up to help the candidate goes straight for that GOP talking point ... the climate. Actually, the ad mentions "climate" but sticks more to energy independence (achieved by alternative energy sources AND offshore drilling). The ad does a couple of things right. First, while it's not the prettiest thing in the world, it isn't nearly as cheesy as many of the ads coming from McCain HQ. Second, it doesn't just say John McCain loves energy independence and has solutions. It goes on to say that Barack Obama not only doesn't have a plan, but he stands in the way of any reasonable efforts. They might as well be calling him Nobama. Third, the tagline says, "Barack Obama: Just the party line." At first, it seems to be added on after the fact, but it's actually part of an effort to paint Obama as the party-line thinker, the man constrained by just the same old politics. Why, isn't McCain forcing the Republicans to reconsider their position on climate change? Yet Barack has voted party line 97% of the time! Hardcore Republicans aren't going to like the ad very much, but it's a solid first effort.

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