Romney Ad Drags General Motors Into Campaign

Dealer Who Lost His Business Is Focus of Spot

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The automaker often referred to as "Government Motors" by critics on the right is now the subject of a Romney campaign ad. In the spot, a General Motors dealer who lost his line of credit during the 2009 bailout laments closing his dealership and putting 30 people out of work.

The ad speaks to the small-business owner, but I wonder how it plays with the out-of -work folks who make GM vehicles as opposed to selling them.

Whatever the case, it's likely not the sort of storyline GM needs this week. Aside from Joel Ewanick's much-publicized departure, the company is reporting that last month's sales were down 6% (Ford was down 4% and Chrysler was up 13%).

Indeed, Drudge Report has devoted a number of lines to GM today. One link is to a story about the Chevy Volt being the centerpiece of a planned community. Drudge's headline? "Taxpayers Help Fund Chevy Volt Village!"

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