Romney Ad Uses Washington Post, Hillary Clinton to Call Obama a Liar

Anti-Bain Capital Ads Not Exactly 'Factual'

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Obama for America's been portraying Mitt Romney as the sort of outsourcing, American-job-killing capitalist that the country doesn't need. It's made its case partly by quoting the Washington Post. Romney for President isn't having it and has fired back, making its case by quoting ... the Washington Post.

Here's the Obama ad:

The Washington Post's "The Fact Checker," interestingly, took a pass on rating that ad but noted that a previous similarly themed ad had earned Four Pinocchios. At issue: While Bain Capital may have been a big outsourcer, Mitt Romney wasn't in control of the company at that point.

So the Post, along with a separate analysis from, becomes the basis for a Romney campaign ad. The ad doesn't say directly: "Obama is a liar." But it does say he "doesn't tell the truth." And that "candidate Obama lied about Hillary Clinton" -- at which point then-candidate Clinton makes a special guest appearance in the ad declaring "SHAME ON YOU BARACK OBAMA."

Of course, none of this is to imply that the Romney campaign is a paragon of truth. Here's The Fact Checker giving Team Romney Four Pinnochios. Overall, both candidates are in a tight race for long noses.

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