Can Romney Make North Carolina More Uncomfortable for Democrats?

New Campaign Video Plays Up Bad Economy Under Obama

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The Democrats are holding their national convention in North Carolina this year. While it may have been considered in play at some point, Barack Obama's recent coming out in support of gay marriage and North Carolina's resounding rejection of gay marriage at the ballot box have made things, well, a little awkward.

The Mitt Romney campaign could just let that be. But what if it doesn't? What if the poll numbers in North Carolina leading up to the convention were so bad for Democrats as to be downright embarrassing? Why do I ask? Because the following video from the Romney campaign, in which North Carolinians are told they've lost over 50,000 jobs under Obama, dropped into the inbox this morning.

Sure, Romney's taken plenty of hits in Florida -- where the Republican convention will be held in Tampa. And the Obama campaign is certainly going after Spanish-speaking voters there. But Florida, which lives in its own political universe, is likely to be in play up until election day, and north Florida is overwhelmingly red-state country.

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