Romney Remark Scares Up Flock of Big Birds on Twitter

Big Bird's Supporters Spring Into Action

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By now it seems clear that Mitt Romney's performance in last night's debate trumped President Barack Obama's. And it's also clear that the biggest social meme of the night was around Big Bird, as the internet ran to the benevolent giant yellow Muppet's defense when Mr. Romney referenced his plans to cut subsidies for PBS programming.

The social-media machine seems to keep churning faster each cycle, and this time it was only moments before several Big Bird parody accounts were created on Twitter, sending off missives such as "I'm trending" and asking for support for the "#BigBirdElmo2016" campaign ticket.

Here, presented without commentary, are ten Big Bird Twitter handles that sprang into action last night.

1. @firedbigbird

2. @bigbirdromney

3. @bigbird

4. @deadbigbird

5. @sadbigbird

6. @romneybigbird

7. @bigbirdforobama

8. @bigbirdobama

9. @laidoffbigbird

10. @ripbigbird

Stoner Big Bird was too lazy to even weigh in.

UPDATE: Here's an attack ad targeting Big Bird.

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