Ron Paul Wins First Primary

Also Wins His Only Primary

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Proving that

a) internet voting contests are meaningess and
b) Ron Paul supporters OWN the internet

Ron Paul has won the Republican portion of the MySpace primary.

MySpace, "the world's most popular social network," is bragging that over 150,000 people voted in its primary. Believe it or not, that's actually LESS than the paltry 250,000 likely to caucus in Iowa tonight.

For the record, Barack Obama won the Democratic primary. Also for the record, Ron Paul is unlikely to win another primary (for the record, I consider myself more Libertarian than anything else).

A commentator on Gawker says it best: "Well, I think we can all breathe easier, knowing that people who use MySpace are typically barred from voting, by virtue of the facts that: A) Minors cannot vote. B) Those convicted of sex crimes involving minors also cannot vote."

By the way, our poll this week is about spending in Iowa.
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