Not Everyone's Crazy About a Sharp-Dressed Gal

Palin's Clothing Bill is Bad PR at a Bad Time

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I would like the Democrats in the audience to try and keep quiet on this one. We all know how you feel about Sarah Palin. What I want to know is how our Republican readers feel about the news that the RNC spent $150,000 on clothing her? On one hand, it's the cost of doing business. It wasn't as if Mike Huckabee and his clan came out of Arkansas and hit the national campaign trail wearing their matching striped shirts. Then again, had I donated the maximum to the RNC -- especially with the hopes of helping out Republicans in heated congressional battles -- and discovered that my contributions were going to handbags for the potential second family's kin, I'd be livid. In fact, I'd be extra livid because I took great delight in making fun of John "Two-Timing" Edwards' ridiculously expensive haircuts. This is just bad for Brands Hockeymom and Maverick. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Robert George, who used to work with none other than Newt Gingrich, is having a field day with this one as well:
Given that the thesis of Ross Douthat and Riehan Salam's Grand New Party is rebuilding the Republican brand with social conservatives and "Sam's Club" members as its foundation, I'm curious what such potential voters might think of Sarah Palin as an, ahem, "Sak's Club" member.
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