Sanders Uses Rally Live-Stream in Ads to Appeal to Millennials

Traction Labs Charged Campaign on a Cost-Per-30-Second View Basis

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A Bernie Sanders ad featured a rally live-stream.
A Bernie Sanders ad featured a rally live-stream. Credit: Bernie 2016

When Bernie Sanders spoke at a campaign rally Friday in the Northern California city of Cloverdale, there was a live-stream of the event, just as there have been for many of his well-attended gatherings. But this time the live-stream showed up in ads aimed at millennial-age voters.

The campaign, in conjunction with the Sanders camp's digital agency Revolution Messaging, on Monday rolled out ads across California showing a live-stream of a get out the vote rally in San Francisco featuring bands and entertainers including Dave Matthews, Fishbone and Danny Glover.

The ads are enabled through Traction Labs, makers of the technology that inserts live video streams and other content into ad space.

The Sanders camp is hoping for a big turnout among young voters who haven't yet voted by mail in California, which holds its much-anticipated primary today. The vote is considered by many to be a last shot for the Democratic senator from Vermont to suppress rival Hillary Clinton's momentum.

Ms. Clinton needs just 23 delegates to meet the 2,383 needed to clinch the party's nomination; that number includes highly controversial superdelegates which Mr. Sanders aims to win over to his side. He has 1,561 total delegates.

Traction Labs allows people to view live-streams in ad units for as long as they want, and is charging the Sanders campaign on a cost-per-30-second view basis. The company serves ads throughout a network that includes sites such as TechCrunch and The Huffington Post.

Execs at Traction Labs said they will measure in real-time what people are saying about the live-stream through sentiment analysis of viewers.

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