The Secret of Fred Thompson's Marketing Success

He's Telling the Base What It Really Wants to Hear

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Yes, yes, yes. Politicians are known for pandering. But in many cases, they aren't actually telling VOTERS what the voters want to hear. They're telling pundits and moderators what pollsters THINK voters want to hear. There's a difference.

Peggy Noonan today writes about Fred Thompson's maneuverings in the Republican primary: "He is running a great campaign. It's just not a declared campaign. It's a guerrilla campaign whose informality is meant to obscure his intent. It has been going on for months and is aimed at the major pleasure zones of the Republican brain. In a series of pointed columns, commentaries and podcasts, Mr. Thompson has been talking about things conservatives actually talk about. "

Bolding is mine. He's certainly got the internets all aswoon by playing hard to get. And Noonan points out that he has plenty of questions left to answer.

In the end, though, all the internet support in the world isn't necessarily going to translate into the right votes at the right time. Which is why John Edwards, who's been one of the savvier internet candidates on the Democratic side, is also spending so much time in Iowa, where he's ahead in the polls-- despite the overriding national media frame of a Hillary-Obama race.
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