Tancredo Taps Into Fear of Open Borders

Spot Features Mangled Buses, Broken Bodies

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This is one way to make people pay attention to a candidate lagging in the polls. Tom Tancredo feels someone had to say that if you're letting in everyone, you're letting in Islamic Fundamentalists, too! And he's just the man to do it. For those thinking the ad is a left-wing spoof of a bad Republican ad, it's actually the welcome screen when you surf over to Tancredo's website. The fact is, though, it grabs the attention and gets the point across. It's certainly better than another round of Barack Obama prattling on about abstractions like "hope" and "integrity." Time for the politicians to take off the gloves and start swinging.

The spot broke in Iowa this week and is scheduled to air in New Hampshire next week and nationally after that.
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