New Ted Cruz Video: 'Ted Cruz Didn't Lose'

What's Trump Antagonist Cruz Up To? 'To Be Continued...'

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Can Ted Cruz let it go?

No. Ted Cruz can't let it go.

The failed presidential candidate, who has declined to endorse presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and recently hinted that he might re-enter the race, today released a video (below) titled "No Regrets" on his YouTube channel. It's an extended pep talk for Cruz supporters that opens with a Cruz campaign official consoling a roomful of campaign workers and volunteers, praising them for contributing to "one of the greatest causes of our time."

He adds that "Ted Cruz didn't lose. Our campaign for president lost." (Got that?)

Ted himself shows up just before the two-minute mark to address the same group. "What we did collectively here is we sparked a fire and started a movement," he says. "And that's powerful and it doesn't go away with one election. Ronald Reagan in 1976 came up short."

A few more consoling words and then the soundtrack -- a melacholy instrumental tune with a vaguely "Friday Night Lights"-ish feel to it ("On the Horizon" by English composer Dan Phillipson) -- goes full-blown orchestral over a montage of shots of smiling Cruz campaign workers communing over their shared cause. Closing out the video: footage of a Ted Cruz 2016 campaign bus zooming down the highway accompanied by a typographic overlay that reads "TO BE CONTINUED."

Got that, Donald?

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