One Tiny Flaw in the GOP's Ann Romney Strategy

It's Hard to Make Your Case If People Aren't Actually Tuning In

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Tampa, Fla. -- My mom called from Louisiana this morning to check on my adventures here at the Republican National Convention.

"What did you think of the Ann Romney speech?" she asked.

"Who cares what I think, what did you think?" I responded.

After all, she's precisely the person the speech was tailored for: a woman who votes. Then again, she wasn't exactly sitting around the house worrying about whether or not Mitt Romney loves his wife -- or Barack Obama, for that matter.

I find a lot of this "women's vote" discussion bordering on the ludicrous -- as if women are any more or less rational than men when it comes to voting choices. As if in the abortion debate (to pick just one example), women just naturally align with the pro-choice side. Look around, some of the most hard-line pro-lifers are women -- not 60-year-old men out to snatch a uterus or two.

Still, the media is harping on it, and both parties are creating a narrative that the other side is against women.

So Ann Romney was trotted out to say nice things about her husband. As were Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. As were Laura Bush and Tipper Gore. At least we were spared a hot Romney makeout session. I wonder if, had Hillary Clinton had won the nomination four years ago, the Democrats would have forced Bill Clinton to assume the role.

And what did my mom think of Ann Romney's speech.

"I didn't see it. It was too damn late. I went to bed."

Something both parties might want to consider. Yes, you have to assuage a lot of political egos and give every Tom, Dick and Huckabee a speaking slot. But casual voters aren't nearly as fascinated by these people as pundits and insiders. Let them talk during the day and put your stars on during family hour -- not the last hour of prime time. You don't want working people -- yes, those still exist -- to wake up grumpy the next morning and realize it was because they stayed up late to watch your candidate.

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