Today's Ads: McCain Battles Wall Street; Obama Battles McCain

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McCain/Palin are out with an ad painting the duo as the right choice to battle the current economic troubles. It even proposes "tougher rules on Wall Street to protect your life savings." This may seem odd coming from a Republican candidate, but it's part of the McCain team's continuing effort to win the news cycles and McCain has ruffled GOP feathers in the past -- including during the primary -- by not being sufficiently pro-Wall Street. He's been accused by the financial side of the party to pandering to populists.

The Obama/Biden ticket, meanwhile, engages in more meta advertising. By that I mean advertising that attacks advertising. I think Obama, as the Democrat, should be pounding away on this economic crisis topic. The most obvious approach is claiming that eight years of trying things the Republican way -- less regulation, pro-Wall Street -- has led to this mess. Oddly enough, the Obama camp is jumping all over a McCain stump speech, in which the Republican called the fundamentals of the economy "strong." (There's a phrase that needs to be retired.) But they're doing it with press releases and counter-speeches of their own. I don't know how many voters are paying attention to that sort of back-and-forth. Obama is hitting McCain on ties to lobbyists for oil and credit card companies (see spots here and here). I don't know if that will stick in voters' minds as part of this whole Wall Street mess. (UPDATE: See. I'm not the only one making this argument.)

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