That's Totally Hot: Paris Hilton Responds to McCain

Heiress Pledges Bipartisan Solutions

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On the off chance that you've somehow missed the biggest news item of the political cycle, here's a video response from Paris Hilton to John McCain, who compared opponent Barack Obama to the heiress in an ad last week.

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Hilton comes off as a celebrity version of Joe Lieberman in the video, offering a hybrid bipartisan solution to the energy crisis by combining elements from the energy policies of McCain and Obama. To be honest, after Obama's most recent "shift" on energy policy, Hilton's plan sounds exactly like his. After offering her solution, Hilton adds: "I'll see you at the debate, bitches."

Special bonus points to Conde Nast Traveler, which gets prominent placement. We're pretty sure the sales team is telling Cadillac, which had the back-cover ad, what kind of added value the marketer got out of this. UPDATE: According to a Conde Nast spokesperson, that Cadillac ad is the inside back cover. Guess someone figured the Grey Goose ad that served as the original cover was too racy for a Paris Hilton ad?
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