Trump brands NYT 'a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!' Here's what he's mad about now

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The New York Times headquarters building on 8th Ave. in Midtown Manhattan.
The New York Times headquarters building on 8th Ave. in Midtown Manhattan. Credit: mizoula/iStock

In presidential tweet news, this just happened:

Trump didn't get specific about the "false" reporting, but it seems likely that he saw the print edition of this morning's New York Times with the headline "Inside Trump's Angry War On Inquiries Around Him" (subhead: "Pressure Tactics Leave the President Exposed to Accusations of Obstruction") splashed on the front page above the fold. A version of the story was actually published online yesterday and dominated the news cycle for much of the afternoon and evening—but Trump seems to be a day behind on big news given that he also only this morning acknowledged Bernie Sanders' launch yesterday of his presidential bid (in a separate tweet: "Crazy Bernie has just entered the race. I wish him well!"). The Times story was team-reported by Mark Mazzetti, Maggie Haberman, Nicholas Fandos and Michael S. Schmidt. If you haven't read it yet, the paper also helpfully provides CliffsNotes written up by Eileen Sullivan: "Takeaways From The Times's Investigation Into Trump's War on the Inquiries Around Him."

Trump has, of course, specifically attacked The New York Times many times before and has called the media in general the "enemy of the people," but in applying that label specifically to the Times this morning, he's revisiting an intensely personal ongoing battle with the paper's publisher, A.G. Sulzberger. See "Trump blasts back after New York Times publisher decries 'enemy of the people' attacks" from The Guardian last July.

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