The Ugly Side of YouChoose

Campaigns Must Pay Attention to Details

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As we pointed out in the print edition this week, YouTube can come in handy for campaigns and campaign supporters. But it can also be embarrassing beyond belief.

In a package called YouFool, under the headline "Candidates Gone Wild," Long Island Press Editor in Chief Robbie Woliver wrote:

John McCain approves of sexy Nazi girls? John Edwards supports Satanists? Mitt Romney endorses casual sex? Well, if you're a visitor to YouTube, that's what these presidential candidates' ads might be unintentionally leading you to believe. ...

And now, as part of YouTube YouChoose Spotlight '08, Romney, McCain and Edwards offer their smiling faces, beaming right above such video titles as "Uncle Adolph and the Sexi Nazi Girls," "How to Get Laid at an Anti-Abortion Rally" and "N**gers, Nappy-Headed Hos & Booty Shaking," along with other headlines and videos touting everything from Satan worshipping to smoking crack to joining the KKK.

That's a hell of a charge. Read the whole story. Just to be clear, this wasn't a case of anonymous groups making anti-candidate ads. Rather, the YouChoose '08 banner ad, which features a spotlighted candidate of the week was running with this content.

As Managing Editor Michael M. Martino Jr. "no reasonable person would be expected to think these candidates endorse or intentionally choose these inappropriate pages." And in the long run, the average voter might never see (or care) about these things.

But Martino's overall point is a solid one: Campaigns getting involved with "Campaign 2.0" have to pay attention to the details.
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