Unsolicited Ad Advice for Barack and Hillary

Or: Why I Wouldn't Make It as an Ad Consultant

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When I read the news that Hillary Clinton has piled up a $20 million debt in her now seemingly pointless campaign, I thought, "Man, if I were Barack Obama, I just wouldn't be able to help myself." With all the money he's got, he could afford one ad that could drive the final nail into the coffin. It would go something like this:

"Twenty million in debt and growing. Dollar after dollar being thrown away on a futile exercise. Remind you of anyone? If this is how she runs a campaign, just think what she'll do to the country." UPDATE: Results!!!

Quite pleased with my genius, I ran the idea by some of my Campaign Trail colleagues. Evan Tracey was quick to point out what a moron I am that I was a little misguided. Aside from such an attack being portrayed as sexist or just a case of piling on, Tracey said Rule No. 1 in campaigning (especially when you're in the lead) is "Do not interfere with an opponent while he/she is self-destructing." Rule No. 2, he said, is that perception is reality. The perception here is that Obama is the winner. Launching an attack may make it seem that he's worried about Clinton. Winners don't worry. (Rule No. 3 is not to forget Rule No. 1.)

"At the end of the day he needs to keep her people as happy as possible," added Tracey. "He should have supporters hold lemonade sales to raise money to pay off her debt "

Meanwhile, Ira Teinowitz and I also thought Hillary Clinton might want to take out her own ad pointing out that Barack Obama lost Kentucky by 250,000 votes. But even a couple of journalists realize that as desperate as she is, such a last-ditch effort would be foolish. Even if the super delegates were impressed by the not-so-subtle race argument, her name would be mud in the wider Democratic party.

Also, she might not have the money to run such an ad.
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