Unsolicited Advice for Hillary

Hit Obama With a Scientology Question

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I still can't quite get over how creepy the w.ill.i.am* (or however you "spell" it) video for Barack Obama is. (I've embedded it below after the jump.) Aside from utilizing a lot of empty-headed celebrities, it also does a stellar job of using the techniques of propaganda, including: the bandwagon call, the use of beautiful people, euphoria, glittering generalities, intentional vagueness, repetition, slogans, virtue words and gratuitous use of Scarlett Johansson. In other words, it's almost the perfect ad.

But all those celebrities got me to thinking there might be an opening here for Hillary Clinton.

In one of the upcoming debates, maybe she could figure out a way to ask Obama the following question: "Do you view Scientology as a true religion and one the deserves tax-exempt status?" Granted, Hillary's had her bread buttered by some Hollywood execs who may or may not be Scientologists, but it seems the celebrity class in Tinseltown has abandoned her for Obama. Depending on Barack answers the question (which he probably wouldn't) he could risk alienating either the celebrities or his Black (predominantly Christian) followers who probably take a dimmer view of Scientology than Evangelicals think of Mormonism. If nothing else, it would get her a boatload of free media.

*Full disclosure: I hate the Black Eyed Peas with a burning passion. And that spelling-bee reject Fergie, too!

UPDATE: A Gawker commenter pointed out this thing. Here's some more unsolicited advice for Hillary. Get a court order or something to have this video yanked. And jail whoever was responsible.

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