Vanity Fair Portrays Democratic Civil War

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James Wolcott paints a fascinating picture of the ongoing feud between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It's a great, fun read. But there's one slight problem with it. Wolcott attributes entirely too much power to Daily Kos and its founder Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga:

"Daily Kos dominates the firmament as the Battlestar Galactica of Net-roots activism, an electronic-beehive amalgam of fund-raising machine, bulletin board, crisis center, poll-data aggregator, diary showcase, and collective mood ring that proved its mettle with the Democratic victories in 2006, due in no small part to the Great Orange Satan's ability to pinpoint winnable races, mobilize donation support, and stoke morale. "

Is that right? Seems to me that those races--many of them won by CENTRIST Democrats like Jim Webb--would have been won without Kos. Also, and I've said this before, considering others championed by Kos--most notably Howard Dean and Ned Lamont--Kos is the Bob Shrum on the internet. As Jeff Jarvis says, Kos is a would-be party boss. Emphasis on would-be.
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