Wal-Mart Shoppers Choose McCain; Target Shoppers Go for Obama

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According to an outfit called BIGresearch, "When asked to 'vote' as if the election were held today, Wal-Mart, Kohl's and JCPenney shoppers are more likely to vote for McCain; while Macy's and Target shoppers say they would cast a ballot for Obama." I can't say that I'm surprised by those findings at all. Perhaps the Republicans should have held their convention in Bentonville rather than next door to Target's home city of Minneapolis.

But Wal-Mart shoppers weren't John McCain's biggest supporters. The Republican picked up 41.4% of the "vote" there, but 42.8% at JCPenney. And while 41.5% of Target shoppers went for Barack Obama, 47.2% of Macy's shoppers did. Macy's shoppers had the least "undecided" voters among the those polled at 16%. The other three stores had over 20% undecided.

Also interesting: More Wal-Mart shoppers actually identify themselves as Democrats. According to BIGresearch, "37.1% align with the Democrats and 36.5% with Republicans." Further: "JCPenney shoppers are divided evenly as well (37.4% Democrat v. 36.4% Republican). However, Kohl's shoppers tend to consider themselves on the right side of the aisle at 39.3% (v. 33.7% Democrat). ... Macy's shoppers are much more likely to be Democrat at 46.7% (v. 31.1% Republican) and so are Target shoppers (40.6% v. 31.7% Republican)."
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