Watch the (Parody) Promo: Is This What We Can Expect From Trump TV?

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In a story published this morning headlined "Trump son-in-law makes approach on post-election TV start-up," the FT reports that Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner, a key Trump campaign adviser and owner of the New York Observer, "informally approached one of the media industry's top dealmakers about the prospect of setting up a Trump television network after the presidential election in November." The FT says it has three sources who maintain that Kushner reached out to Aryeh Bourkoff, founder-CEO of boutique investment firm LionTree -- and both Kushner and Bourkoff pointedly declined to comment on (or refute) the FT report.

A post-election media play by Donald Trump has long been rumored and speculated on by the political and media chattering classes, and would help weave together elements of the often baffling Trump campaign narrative, including the appointment of Breitbart Chairman Stephen Bannon as campaign CEO and the shadowy role of Roger Ailes as a campaign adviser. (Ailes, the recently ousted chief of the Fox News Channel, "would be prohibited from working on a Trump television venture by the terms of his exit agreement with the news network," the FT notes.)

One person who might benefit in the short term from the FT's report: self-described "#NeverTrump advocate and conservative pundit" Ben Howe, who has been raising funds for a Trump documentary that he's titled "The Sociopath."

A little over a month ago, Howe uploaded a possibly prescient parody promo for Trump TV (below) on YouTube. It imagines Trump TV shows hosted by Laura Ingraham, Ben Carson, Alex Jones and Ann Coulter, and includes an on-screen statement at the end: "It's Trump TV if he loses. It's Trump's America if he wins." The modest view count on the video (291 as of this writing) is probably going to go up a bit all of a sudden.

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