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Democrats Electrified As Biden Turns On the Charm

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DENVER ( -- Sitting in the Pepsi Center about an hour after Bill Clinton pulled off the minor miracle of sticking to the script and staying within the time frame, I found myself faced with one very important question: Why didn't Joe Biden do better in the primary? I also found myself admiring the management skills of whoever was running the overall show.
Joe Biden
Joe Biden Credit: AP
Sure, Biden's got an obvious taste for his foot. But when he gets going, he's good. He's charming, he's got a winning smile, he's survived tragedy, he loves his momz, he's got that "victim" thing going on and he's got a way with words when he can keep them under control. He's like an NBC Olympics segment or something.

Biden's speech charmed the pants off of people who've never heard of him. And this comes on the heels of a stellar Ted Kennedy speech, decent speeches from Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, the theatrics of Hillary releasing her delegates ... and the fact that Bill Clinton didn't make a huge ass of anyone. And then there was the surprise appearance of Barack Obama his ownself. Those in the press area figured something was up when we saw Bill Richardson, who was supposed to give a speech, being interviewed by the press while Biden's son took the stage. Then those with CNN alerts learned of the rumor. Chats with random delegates after the fact indicated that a number of people knew Obama would show up, but either way the place went nuts.

It was enough to impress even those (of us) who aren't inclined to Obamamania. It remains to be seen how it plays in Middle America. But it's hard to see that they wouldn't be impressed.
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