Wheaton: Barack Obama Building a Cult?

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In the post immediately adjacent to this one, Joe Erwin makes a point about Barack Obama's brand-building prowess. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: When it comes to building a brand, Obama and his team are leaving the competition in the dust. (And to be clear, I've also said before I'm not an Obama supporter.) But there's a fine line between establishing a corps of brand ambassadors and building a cult. And there's something exceedingly creepy about Obama's growing fan base. Say what you will about John McCain's followers, but people aren't building shrines, producing slick videos or giving the candidate a free pass for changing his mind on issues by which he defined himself. (McCain's taken as much heat from disgruntled Republicans as he has from Democrats.)

For a group of supposedly fascist-fighting liberals, Obama's supporters seem to be missing some very obvious visual cues, from the artwork, to the cult of personality and now to the football stadium where the faithful can congregate and stomp and shout in unison. So far, the branding has gone well, but I have to wonder how those parts of America not besotted with Obama fever are going to respond to that particular spectacle.

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