Who's Winning That Other Social Network?

McCain vs. Obama on LinkedIn

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This week Ad Age looked at McCain's success using search to drive people to his website. But as a commenter pointed out, the McCain-Palin ticket also seems to be winning over the white-collar crowd at LinkedIn more effectively. Both McCain and Palin have profiles, as does Barack Obama. Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, however, does not.

McCain, along with six others, has recommended Palin. And Palin, along with 29 other people, has recommended McCain. But Obama needs to start tapping his network -- he doesn't have any recommendations at this point.

A deeper look at how the candidates have used the site doesn't necessarily spell a LinkedIn victory for the Republicans, though.

LinkedIn members can post questions to other members, and both Obama and McCain have each tried to engage the community with a couple.

Obama's first question -- posed back in September 2007 and asking what the next president can do to help small-business owners and entrepreneurs -- got almost 1,500 responses, and a more recent query about what ideas voters have to keep America competitive in the years ahead elicited 3,107.

Five months ago McCain pitched his first question to users, asking about the biggest challenge America faces, and got almost 3,000 responses. But perhaps his LinkedIn momentum is slowing: A recent question about what ideas or technologies we should be investing in only brought in 875 answers.
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