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Fireworks and Concert End Cannes 2005

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Photography by Pat Denton
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CANNES ( -- Left Photo: Fireworks arcing over moonlit water marked the official end of one of the most heavily attended Cannes Lions ad festivals ever. (Larger photo) Right Photo: The ending gala at the Carlton Hotel beach drew a crowd as enthusiastic as it was large and loud. (Larger photo)
Left Photo: Agnetha Falstart, lead singer for Bjorn Again, gets the audience clapping. (Larger photo) Right Photo: Benny Anderwear played keyboards for the rock group that is well-known throughout Europe for its cover of Abba's songs and sound. (Larger photo)
Left Photo: At the gala was Jeff Goodby, president of the first Titanium jury and co-chairman Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco. (Larger photo) Right Photo: Jon Willard, a copywriter at Goodby, Silverstein, was amazed to win a Mini Cooper given away at the Carlton event. Mr. Willard, who says he doesn't have a car of his own, wasn't sure how he would get his new Mini back to San Francisco. (Larger photo)
Left Photo: Among the other beach glitz, the Carlton featured an illuminated walkway. (Larger photo) Right Photo: The front of the hotel was lit up with a gigantic projected image of the Cannes Lions logo. (Larger photo)

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