Special Cannes Edition: TV Spots of the Week


Watch Nine of the Most Interesting Cannes Commercials From Outside the U.S.

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Along with the other purposes it serves, the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival offers a valuable window on the best and most interesting work produced in countries outside the U.S. Below, from eight other countries, are some of the most memorable TV commercials that were in contention for potential honors at Cannes this year.

Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Pepsi Max
Title: "Glue Boy"
Agency: CLM BBDO, France

Encouraged by his colleagues, an office-working, wanna-be Spider-Man puts large wads of rubber cement-like glue on his hands and feet to stick to the side of a building. In the end, it's not quite the experience he had hoped for.

Marketer: Buenos Aires Zoo
Brand: Buenos Aires Zoo
Title: "Llamas"
Agency: Del Camp Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires

Mysteriously bobbing their heads up and down, a pack of llamas are actually indicating that the new kangaroos have arrived.

Marketer: Ford Motor Co.
Brand: Ford Trucks
Title: "King Kong"
Agency: JWT Co., Thailand

Our favorite of the foreign contenders this year was this effort from Thailand. It made us want to run out and buy the kind of truck that not even King Kong can stop.

Marketer: Volkswagen
Brand: Volkswagen Golf
Title: "Kids on Steps"
Agency: DDB, Berlin

Very clever on the first viewing, this spot becomes increasingly annoying on each subsequent play but it certainly makes its point about smooth, intense acceleration.

Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Pepsi
Title: "Surf"
Agency: Almap BBDO, Brazil

Against a background track of frenetic surfer rock, a group of Brazilians pioneer the new sport of surf soccer.

Marketer: Canon
Brand: Canon Digital Cameras
Title: "Lego Figures"
Agency: Leo Burnett

Playing on the visual similarities between Lego block figures and pixelated digital imagery, this commercial effectively makes its point about Canon's superior megapixel density.

Marketer: McDonald's Corp.
Brand: McDonald's
Title: "Girl"
Agency: Leo Burnett

A delightfully different kind McDonald's commercial aimed at women searching for a simple, quick way to eat.

United Kingdom
Marketer: Stella Artois
Brand: Stella Artois
Title: "Pilot"
Agency: Lowe

In its latest dark epic Stella Artois takes us onto the battlefield of World War I as an allied pilot is shot down, hidden by a local bar crowd but ultimately given up when his presence threatens to waste some reassuringly expensive beer.

Marketer: Ajinomoto Stadium
Brand: Ajinomoto Stadium
Title: "Husky Girls"
Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo

Tokyo's Ajinomoto Soccer Stadium is promoting itself with this offbeat spot from Dentsu. A young man wanders into a Tokyo suburb where all the women his age speak with the husky voices of old men. Only by accident does he discover the reason.

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