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Film Grand Prix: Coke "Happiness Factory"
Did it just get chilly in here? Yes, it's that proverbial cold day you know where-Coca-Cola wins the big prize at the big show. You may take it as a sign of end times-we choose to see it as an augury of happy days for the ad industry. "Happiness Factory," from Wieden/Amsterdam, marks a return to what made Coke advertising great at some mythical point in history, but with none of the suckiness that marred the marketer's lesser modern efforts. Such a triumphal return to form from a brand like Coke, and, simply, such a grand brand spot is surely worth points for difficulty. An upbeat visual feast with just enough subtle darkness, the spot is right for the times and sure to speak the universal language of Cannes jurors.

VW "Safe Happens" campaign: Crispin Porter + Bogusky's smashing shocker evokes strong reactions-which is itself a vote in its favor. Sony Bravia "Paint": The follow-up to last year's beloved "Balls" has quietly accumulated its own fan base and will likely score a Gold. Coke "Videogame": If jurors really voted with their hearts, and if their hearts weren't cold and empty, this spot would win it all. Vaseline "Sea": Ivan Zacharias' tender touch applied to bare skin-enough to raise goosebumps and a Gold Lion. Johnnie Walker "Android": It could be deemed too earnest for jaded jurors, but BBH's ode to consciousness is sure to earn enough respect for a yellow cat. Xbox Gears of War "Mad World": OK, this probably won't win big, but it should.

Integrated Grand Prix: BK Games.
Are Crispin's Xbox games an integrated campaign or a Titanium thingie? We'll call it an integrated campaign for the sake of convenience, but it's really just a huge, million-selling idea executed brilliantly.

Nike "Barrio Bonito": An immersive football experience in a neighborhood that lives and breathes the sport, from BBDO Argentina. Nike "Run London": Brand utility writ large from AKQA.

Titanium Grand Prix: Nike+
You may have heard of this clever combination of product, interactive campaign and community-building phenomenon from Nike, Apple and R/GA. It sold iPods, it sold shoes, it sold gear, it sold music, it got people moving and it illuminated just how big ideas can be in our new brandscape. Unicef Tap Project: Droga5's from-scratch campaign raised money and consciousness; a groundbreaker in a dawning era of giving back. Tate Museum "Tate Tracks": Last year, Fallon's Tate work seemed bigger than the Outdoor category in which it won the Grand Prix. "Tate Tracks" is an even bigger step outside of category lines.

Grand Prix: Viral-Dove "Evolution"
"Noitulove," "Evolution": two vastly different spots, yet the perfect palindrome Grand Prix partners-Guinness' 2006 Film winner and Dove's 2007 eye-opening viral-provided "Evolution" is, as we expect, a solo Cyber entry, and not diluted as part of an Integrated campaign. "Evolution" stands out as the most lauded, media-miraculous web phenomenon of the year, provocative and universal. We're not going out on a limb by saying "Evolution" is the shoo-in for Cyber Grand Prix.

OfficeMax "Holiday Gifts": Elfing yourself, or any other of the 19 other holiday amusements Office Max unveiled last December, proved addictive, generating both massive traffic and holiday fun. Sky One "Simpsons": Chris Palmer's masterful take on the ultimate "Why hasn't this been done before?" script. Nike "Joga": The Nike/Google tie-up will be recognized for reining in football passions and providing a social outlet for frenzied World Cup fans. Adicolor: Adidas' color-based webfilm series made perfect use of the medium, delivering portable, high-grade content with the indelible stamp of creative freedom. Blendtec "Will It Blend": It'll be a crying shame if the ultimate web product demo wasn't entered-in harnessing the latent desire to pulverize, shred and annihilate, Blendtec entranced the masses. Microsoft Windows Vista "Clearification": Despite Demetri Martin's Wes Anderson-lite shtick, this site will score for art direction, writing and integrated video. Verizon "Beatbox Mixer": Here's a surefire way to keep users engaged-load a site with easy-to-use powerful editing and composing tools and give users free rein to experiment with sounds.

Outdoor Grand Prix: Amnesty International "It's Not Happening Here" from Zurich agency Walker. A totally polarizing political experience from the land of neutrality.

Australian Broadcasting Corp. "The Chaser's War on Everything" McDonald's "Sundial" Orkin Pest Control "Bug Plaques"

Press Grand Prix: Wellington Zoo "Augmented Reality" from Saatchi New Zealand. How often does a print campaign involve 3-D pictures of animals on your cellphone?

Crest Glide "Words" Clima Bicycle Locks "High Quality"
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