The Cannes Q&A: Cyber juror Aaron Turk, Managing Partner, CD, TribalDDB Australia

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Aaron Turk
Aaron Turk
You guys picked three really different winners, but they all seemed to get outside the internet. There's no general strategy to do that, but are you seeing more things that accomplish it?

Yeah, we saw a lot of work this year that was using things out of the screen, getting you off your seat. I think the three bits of work that we saw that are very different just show that the online and digital space and outside are all coming together, people are finding new ways of bringing what we do at work, what we do at home, what we do in our leisure activity together in really creative ways. I think it's something that we're going to see that's ongoing and we're going to see some really amazing types of projects coming through like that.

So did you guys watch "Evolution" on YouTube? What sort of implications does that have? How does that mitigate with the fact that in Outdoor and other categories the facts, the back story, aren't there?

We basically viewed all the work; most of the judges have seen most of the work that comes through, so when it comes to judging something in the viral category if you've got people in the room that have not seen it, does that make it a good viral? I don't think so. But it's a good indication, when you're looking at that work, is it truly a viral piece and has it succeeded? It was first seeded on YouTube, so should we watch it outside of that? I think where we're seeing it is not relevant to the actual piece of work.

Looking at "Evolution" and "Get the Glass," the skill sets required to make those are vastly different. How do you think future Cyber juries should evolve to reach those separating disciplines?

I think there's some incredible talent out there, and something like "Get the Glass," which was one of my favorite things this year, I actually loved it, it reinvented the way we approach a game online, but it wasn't a game, it was almost like, I got lost in it because it was such a rich and involving experience. I think what you're finding is you've got people that are able to craft these, and budgets do play a very important part, but then you look at "Evolution" and it's something that's simply shot as opposed to something that may have had lots of time doing 3D or doing modeling or so on and so forth. I think it definitely varies. Within the jury we have people from above the line, people that are purely art directors, people that have great innovative experience, mobile experience. That's the way it's put together, that allows us to have a good range of questions and answers to come to our results.
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