The Cannes Q&A: Outdoor juror Mitte Blomqvist, art director, Storakers McCann, Sweden

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Mitte Blomqvist
Mitte Blomqvist
Was the Grand Prix choice cut and dry?

We had a huge discussion about this entry and another one for the BBC; in that case, instead of taking the most typical advertising for a daily paper, it's see both sides. Instead of just saying that, they made people figure that out themselves, starting discussions.

The word mission came up—you guys seem to have taken an ethical stance with your choice.

Why not? Why not use the power you have to make a statement? We're all very tired of scam ads, and that was something we discussed all the way through the voting. Also, I think it's not just us who think it's important, it's a question of people, our target group thinks its important too, apparently. As professionals we have to understand that people right demand more than empty claims from big corporate companies companies. It takes more to connect. You have to give something, a bigger reward. You're taking people's time, you have to respect that. It's an important time right now; there are things that are much more important than advertising, things going on in people's awareness. You don't have to look upon it as we're an ethic jury, it's what people demand.

People almost expect a 'more than advertising' idea to come from Titanium—is this a subconscious push for Outdoor to stay relevant?
Nedbank: Power to the People
Nedbank: Power to the People

Just the fact that you don't know how to judge things, is this an outdoor, is this an installation, is this a charity? When you don't know how to categorize a work like this, that, for me, is a sign it's fresh. It would have been much safer to choose a slick piece of work that nobody could argue wasn't Outdoor, but this is more daring, more inspiring. It causes people to question. Outdoor is one of the oldest medias, and it's still one of the most modern. We don't know how people are spending time with media today, but they're still going to walk down the street, you can't avoid it. The skill for doing great advertising, to evoke emotions, get a message through clearly, the skill for that is very much needed. I don't think it's an ancient media at all, I think it's one of the strongest media.
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