Titanium is the prize to win. But what is it?

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What makes a Titanium Lion winner? The decision on that prize will be among the most eagerly anticipated of this year's Cannes fest, but 07 jury head, CPB's Alex Bogusky isn't offering any pat definitions of Titanium. "I go into every judging experience eager to see the best, most impactful, most creative work," says Bogusky. "This will be the same."

Last year's jury, led by BBDO's David Lubars, chose "to return the award to its original charter, which is to award something we have never seen before" and selected only one Titanium winner, Japan's Design Barcode. Lubars' jury opined that integrated campaigns weren't sufficient grounds to capture this particular Lion—that integrated campaigns are simply the price of entry in the industry now. And so the 06 jury recommended that Cannes organizers institute a new prize for integrated campaigns, which debuts this year.

So that leaves the Titanium entries with a lot of heavy lifting—which includes, says Bogusky, offering some element of surprise. "I don't think it makes sense to go into an innovation process with expectations," says Bogusky. "The industry and the art form is going to keep evolving into new forms and I think the judges have to remain very open minded. But I want to be surprised and delighted. If I don't feel that then I would guess it's not the right work."
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