Leo Burnett Makes its Cannes Guesses

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For the 22nd time, Leo Burnett's Cannes Prediction Reel has arrived with picks of potential Lion-winners in the waning moments before everything goes sunburnt and rose-tinged on the Riviera. This year is no different, with 50-something choices of spots, campaigns and integrated efforts the agency network thinks will come home happy from France.

Main bullet points? Uncertainty: "prognosticators everywhere are shrugging when asked to guess the Grand Prix," Leo says, perhaps because no one knows which Grand Prix is most important anymore. Remember last year when the same thing that won a Cyber Grand Prix took the big Film prize? Film now includes, according to festival promotional literature, "films created for transmission on screens other than TV and cinema, such as Internet film, Mobile film, Other screens (for instance, digital outdoor solutions and branded content on TV) and Integrated film (films made to be adapted for different screens)." But it's unclear if that means you can't enter a viral in Cyber still, leading a few to wonder whether Leo's top Grand Prix prediction, "Gorilla" by Cadbury, might do a Dove and win a pair of GPs, one for virality and one for, well, you know, that thing that makes it so great in the first place.

Burnett also tabs the Halo 3 "Believe" and Sony "Play-Doh" efforts as potential big boppers, but this isn't necessarily going out on a limb in uncertain times--these three, Halo in particular, have won their fair share of awards already. If status quo is maintained, you're likely to see T.A.G. and AKQA splitting the cost of a shipping container in Nice on Monday to get their Lions homemdash;it's got strong Film elements, a great website and a huge-ass integrated bootprint. Leo CCO Mark Tutssel is chairing the Integrated/Titanium jury this year, so odds are tilted in favor of the integrated efforts like Halo. "Simpsonize Me," "Uniqlock," "Whopper Freakout," and "New Diamond Shreddies" are among case studies included in the reel "almost certain to earn a Lion." Nobody knows in which category they'll win, though, which may mean in as many as the entrant agencies forked over the fee.

After touching on Skittles' Midas spot as one of the standout funny efforts, the letter notes some usual contenders are absent this year. No names are named, but we're interpreting that as shots at brands like Budweiser (though the Bud Light "Dude" virals are on), Nike (no love for "Leave Nothing"), Levis (or "Dangerous Liaisons"), Honda and Stella. Of course, as always, there's some home team cheerleading in place; a few spots from around the Leo Burnett network are on the reel. (Cmon, Melody Tunes? Really?)
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