Yes We Cannes: A Preview

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So many questions swirl around the 56th annual International Advertising Festival.

Will a drastically reduced crowd and general industry gloom make for a more subdued event? Or will a more intimate Cannes be the perfect place to blow off steam for those lucky enough to be there? Perhaps more to the point, who will win what? And how many? There are as many opinions as there are reduced expense accounts, but one can get a better sense of things to come by looking at the big award winners already this year, as well as a peek or two at the annual Leo Burnett Prediction reel.

And while we can compare Fiat's eco:Drive, Doritos' Hotel 626 and BK's Whopper Sacrifice, and pick an outright winner in the Obama Presidential campaign (which we do), the toughest category to pick a clear contender for this year is Film. While last year there were two winners -- Halo and Cadbury -- there doesn't seem to be a single front runner in this year's pack. The Leo Burnett reel highlights Levi's Secrets and Lies, Radiohead's House of Cards for Shelter, JC Penney's holiday Beware of the Doghouse, Hovis' Go On Lad and others. We're not convinced. The two naughty entries "Get It On" from Durex and Diesel's "SFWXXX," could be contenders, depending on jurors' mood. The surprise viral hit, Philips Carousel could also pop up -- jurors might be pleased to be recognizing a film with some interactive elements. On the other hand, Carousel might wind up in the Cyber column. And while one of our favorite spots of the year, Nike Fate is not likely to win it all, we're hoping it grabs at least a Gold Leon.

Other potential winners look to be Droga5's "Great Schlep" for the Jewish Council for Education Research (film? Titanium?), BK's "Whopper Virgins" (Cyber? Titanium?) and Tourism Queensland's "Best Job in the World" (Integrated? Titanium?). See below for some of our favorites.

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