Global Creatives' Cannes Predictions

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Ad Age: What campaign is likely to do well at Cannes?

Gustafsson: Gatorade Replay. Brilliant work in branded content and a convincing display from Chiat Day, showing that the agency is up to date with the new kind of storytelling. Relevant and just oozing with heart and soul. I love that campaign.

Ad Age: What's the best use of social media you've seen?

Gustafsson: Hard one. The Boone and Oakley site is liberating in the way they just let go of their brand and threw it out there. Being on YouTube sure makes it easy to show a lot of videos too. Smart and gutsy, I like it.

Ad Age: Which region or country most impresses you right now?

Gustafsson: I'm very impressed and proud that little Sweden is still in the international game. We're making the move from interactive rockstars to integrated geniuses on a large scale and you're not gonna get rid of us!

Ad Age: What would you like to see less -- or none -- of?

Gustafsson: Less over-produced, tiring, boring, irrelevant case movies please. Seeing "how quickly and successfully it spread in social media, via bloggers and on Facebook" is not impressive anymore, it's a necessity! Why is this relevant? What does it do for the brand?

Ad Age: What was the most exciting work you saw from your region?

Gustafsson: Nokia Signpost. Farfar went out in style and they will always be remembered as the greatest and most groundbreaking digital agency in the history of Scandinavia. Rest in peace.

Ad Age: What's your biggest challenge?

Gustafsson: Regardless if you're from interactive or traditional -- the biggest challenge for the whole industry has been to make the unavoidable step in to fully integrated campaigns. With great storytelling, relevant interactive strength and a fresh approach combined.

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