10 Rules for Transitioning to Digital

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Five of the industry's leading creative, strategic and technology players will lead the Boulder Digital Works interactive workshop on making the transition to digital at CAT New York, June 10 in New York.

Faris Yakob, chief Innovation Officer at MDC, Matt Howell, Chief Interactive Officer at Modernista!, Chad Stoller, EVP Digital Strategy at BBDO, Scott Prindle VP Technology at CP+B and Scott Witt, Creative Director at Apple will present Boulder Digital Works' What Not to Do: 10 Rules for Transitioning to Digital.

Also on the agenda at CAT:

Location, Location, Location. Location-based services will undoubtedly be a bigger part of your personal life and the brand creativity world in the coming days. Find out how this space is evolving, for users and for brands, how user experience will progress, how it'll all be monetized, and the new ways that local businesses and big brands will be involved. Find out where it's at from two of the biggest players in the LBS game, Foursquare and Booyah, each of whom take a different approach to location.

Are we post-digital yet? Inside and outside the brand world, creativity is evolving beyond a web-based framework. Some of the most interesting creative efforts of the past year have harnessed a digital mindset but have played out in the real world. Some of the people who have brought interactivity to the streets talk about their work and how to make the best digital ideas happen in meat space.

Kevin Slavin, founder of area/code and now head of start-up Starling on the future of social TV.

Augmented Reality, the next wave, with Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Architect of Bing Maps and Bing Mobile, Microsoft

3D TV - What You Need to Know, with AICP Digital. After 3D films dominated the box office, all eyes were on the TV space. When and how would the 3D juggernaut roll into your living room? Find out from the experts. Representatives of AICP Digital and the world's leading names in high end imagery (including the companies behind Avatar and the upcoming Tron: Legacy) separate fact from fantasy in the 3D TV space. For creatives, producers and marketers, 3D TV raises a host of questions: Will broadcast ads go 3D? What's the cost of producing one? What's the difference between shooting for 3D and converting after the fact? What about the dorky glasses? These and more issues will be discussed here with the industry's leading image-making companies, Digital Domain and Framestore.

Oh, and did we mention flying, networked helicopter thingies? Carlo Ratti from MIT will be on hand to talk about Flyfireand the sense-able city.

Plus - iPad design, creative technologist/digital strategist all-stars, data viz with Stamen Design, mobile games the evolution of storytelling and more. Get tickets and more info at www.creativitycat.com
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