4Food: 4Food

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On September 7, fast food hopes to fast forward to the Jetsons era when the doors of 4food open on East 40th St. and Madison in NYC. The new restaurant concept, founded by former music exec and Urban Box Office CEO Adam Kidron and Michael Shuman, banks its success on hyper-connectivity and healthfulness.

Customers place their orders through iPads—or online, before they even walk through the doors. The food promises to be healthier, "dejunked" versions of basic fast food staples, (no hydrogenated fats, no artificial sweetners, nothing fried), and the restaurant itself boasts environmentally friendly practices too, like recycling and in-store composting.

But the big fun is in the customization. Menu items can be tailored infinitely to customers' choice. The restaurant's signature product, the donut shaped W(hole)burger (available in beef, turkey, lamb, salmon, pork, veggie or egg), features a gap in the middle that can be filled with a "Veggiescoop" of eaters' choice. Once a customer comes up with his special mix, he can name and save his creation and even broadcast it through Facebook or Twitter. Others will then be able to order that recipe, and for every one that does, the inventor will receive a $.25 4Food credit while his burger rises in the ranks of an actual in-store scoreboard.

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