Apple: iPad

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Apple has finally released its long-awaited tablet, dubbed the iPad. As many predicted, it looks like a maxi-iPhone, and works like one too.

The 1.5 lb device features a 9.7" touchscreen, a nearly laptop-size keyboard, enhanced media viewing and game playing, and an upgrade to the apps experience—it will run almost 140,000 apps from the Apps store, along with new ones specifically created for the device.

As also expected, the iPad emerges as a formidable Netbook and e-Reader competitor—the latter thanks to the iBooks app, which features a hi-res color display that's very picture friendly and even mimics the look of real pages. Books can be purchased through the iBookstore, and all purchases will be displayed on your digital, but very real world looking bookshelf.

The price of the device ranges from $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model to $829 for the 64GB Wi-Fi/3G version. Check out more pics and full details on the iPad on Apple's site.

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